The Wall Of Broken Dreams
Other Writings
Life Before and after the War

1. The Starfires @ Sonic Rercording
Studios  Chicago, IL 1963

2. Hank Rice & the Starfires

3.The  Starfires with legendary
Chicago DJ,  Dick Biondi
Kenosha Evening news Golden Gloves Team
3 of theseguys, including me, served as army para-
troopers in Vietnam
Duke & Winneshiek
Fresh back from Vietnam
@ O'Hare Airport Chicago
Dude never
laid a glove
on me
Vietnam Vet & Medevac Crew Chief Ed "Pretty Boy" Vite
with me. Both of us were Kenosha Golden Gloves Champs
Duke & Frank
 My Pearl Drum   
Endorsement Photo
from back in the day.
Duke in the Pit Orchestra at the Alvin Theatre
         on Broadway, NYC, playing
          "7 Brides for 7 Brothers"
My Wife Mitsuko & I many years ago.
Still married in spite of my suit.
Drumming in Buffalo in the 70's
My Son & I in Annapolis
New Orlean's own Benny Grunch
with Duke & the "Upson Downs"
Our Daughter Dani on the cover of her CD
At work with cardboard grandson Devin (school project)
Listen to some Surf Music by us from 1963.  I'm the drummer
1962 Champ
The old man & our daughter Dani
Drumming the Platinum Big Band
      @ Anthem-Las Vegas
* Video*