The Wall Of Broken Dreams
      Duke in chopper/ Vietnam 1966                Today" back in the world"
Recon Platoon 2nd Squad/Vietnam Base Camp.
      ( all painted up with no place to go)  Not!
  Duke & Randy Campbell
We lost Randy in November of 66
Duke and King @ MASH unit Nov. Bong Son 1966
                    King- KIA Feb. 1967
Bishop, Hale & Duke @ Ahn Khe  66
                Sgt. Bishop
  so young yet so dangerous
  a licensed hunting guide in
  Alaska today
Popping some
A couple of my "rowdy" friends
End of the line for Me & Winnisheck. DEROS back to the" world."
             Note worn out trooper in background.
  Winnisheck & Carriger enroute
                to an R&R          
         Whadda ya lookin at?
Watson & his M-60
On Approach  in chopper
       to "hot" LZ
Pleiku airstrip 1966 with Lopez & Eppers
The Original "Rambo"
Duke & Keijo
@ base Camp
Duke &Keijo at Pleiku Airstrip
      enroute to Kontum
Video: Delta Recon Rappelling & Rope Ladder Training-Vietnam