The Wall Of Broken Dreams
                               They fought, They dreamed,
                     Many died, Or did they?
A Vietnam story based novel written by a Vietnam Vet
Now available from Night Bandit Publishing

1/8 Cav. Airborne Delta Recon at Bong Son, Oct. 66-Duke center front, Sergeant "Rock" Musial, combat legend,       
center standing. Some of these men were lost between 12/66 and Valentine's Day 67
Presidential award for combat action
First Battalion- Eighth Cavalry
First Air Cavalry Division
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“Duke Barrett takes the sacred elements of the “Nam
Experience” and weaves them into a synthesis that is the
true, fundamental foundation of any authentic story about
the war in Vietnam, be it a memoir or a work of fiction,
and makes it a meaningful background to his novel.
This story is an adventure but be prepared for an
emotional and inspirational journey, as well. But then,
when you wake up, maybe all that you just read was just a
W. H. “Bill” McDonald Jr.
The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)
"So often we think about war in abstract terms but
Vietnam vet,  Duke Barrett, has made the traumatic
and long-lasting implications of battle spring to life
in this poignant story about the courage, loyalty,
patriotism and conflict of a young soldier.  We root
for him to realize his dreams, knowing fully well
that the deck is stacked against him."
Sigrid Macdonald
editor and author of D'Amour Road
Acceptance Mark

"A story that will inspire Vietnam vets and civilians alike. The Wall Of Broken Dreams is highly recommended      
to those seeking a good historical fiction story that replicates reality."
                                     The Midwest Book Review
“The novel has a certain touching quality that many other books lack…."
“It is also as true as any book you will likely ever read about the soldier of the Vietnam War….”
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The Wall Of Broken Dreams / Honorable Mention: fiction
E Book available
"This deeply moving story is told with skill and passion by the author.  We move
through the bush with an elite recon platoon, follow Johnny back to Chicago and the
resurrection of a promising music career and finally to a fateful encounter at ‘The
Wall’. Reality and dream are inextricably interwoven and an uneasy atmosphere
permeates the book. Heartbreaking and exhilarating by turns, this story will draw you
along on the journey of Johnny and Mai, two unforgettable and extraordinar
y people.

     Sergeant Christopher Gaynor: Vietnam Veteran     
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